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Here at Healthier Homes and Living we are connecting you to the information that may empower and inform your daily rituals as you and your family journey to true wellness.

Laudy, Simone and Tammy are the collective wisdom of Healthier Homes and Living.

As Building Biologists and Low Tox Coaches we are dedicated to providing a range of services that benefit the health of you and your family. Through our podcast we are opening up conversations with experts, discussing known, and maybe even unknown to you, environmental issues that may be impacting your health. Online, we put you in touch with products which we have extensively researched and scoured globally that meet our specific ‘healthy you healthy environment’ criteria. To further assist you on deepening your wellness goals, we also offer innovative masterclasses and a series of life changing courses, where you not only have the opportunity to access expert knowledge, but you are also put in touch with the right tools and resources.

What We Do

Healthier Homes and Living run a range of offerings to service not only the everyday person but industry professionals.

EMF workshop


Short workshops, full day masterclasses and more in-depth courses for the everyday person as well as industry professionals. Learn with us online or in person.


Interviewing industry leaders and sharing their wisdom in an easy to consume medium


Vetted Products

Access competitively priced products that meet our tick of approval, products we employ in our homes

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Product Analysis

Have a product you have been wondering about, but unsure if it’s really safe for you or your family, let us know, we may be able to review it – unbiased