About Us

Laudy, Simone and Tammy 

are three unique women who have come together through their mutual passion and studies in Building Biology and Environmental Toxins, and who are seeking to empower others, helping them to find clarity amongst the confusion in a modern world through conversations among friends via sharing information through respectful and insightful dialogue.

Together as Building Biologists and ‘Low Tox’ Environmental Toxin coaches, they share their combined experience, wisdom and views along with the science and the studies to support their beliefs about the dangers in our built environment, what a large role these dangers unwittingly play in ill health and how insidious they are.

The aim of their union is:

  • To explore how to change our environments to become the new normal in today’s world
  • To look at how the environments we live and work in contribute to ill health
  • To help others navigate a less toxic life by educating and raising awareness of Environmental Toxins
  • To share knowledge enabling people to make changes towards leading a healthier lifestyle
  • To share the things they have researched, know are safe and love that they use themselves
  • Share new and often cutting-edge information through interviews with thought and industry leaders they love and admire through Podcasting and across Social Media Pages

Prepare to take the ‘red pill’ and to keep an open mind while all that you think you know is challenged, and to leave these conversations more aware and educated, armed with the tools to allow you to live the healthiest life you possibly can. 

Meet the Team