I am Founder of BBMama, a qualified BB, former secondary science, chemistry, physics and mathematics teacher, experienced primary teacher with a passion for the early years and mama to three littles.

My first pregnancy encouraged me to sit up and evaluate my daily rituals and health choices however, with a mostly vegetarian diet, active runner and kickboxer, avid yogi and daily meditator I thought I was tracking ok. So it wasn’t until after my daughter was born and presented with indeterminate struggles that my journey to the truth was expedited. Unsure how to help her and mainstream health practitioners reassuringly (but inaccurately) telling me all was fine and normal, kick started my true health journey to seek answers. Discovering Building Biology and finding the right practitioners to help us saw my daughter’s health turn around which in turn sparked a passion for helping and empowering other families to create healthy homes and find true wellness.

Life now entails continuing research, educating with my colleagues, connecting with experts whilst trying to stay in equilibrium myself and prioritising one of life’s most precious gifts, my family.