Cyndi O’Meara and Regenerative Farming, Glyphosate, Being a Critical Thinker and Manifesting What You Want- Episode 2

Today’s chat is with nutritionist, film maker of ‘What’s With Wheat?’, best-selling author, international and TEDx speaker, and founder of Changing Habits and the Functional Nutrition Academy.

Yes you guessed in this episode we were excited to be chatting with Cyndi O Meara.

Cyndi is a passionate, determined and highly educated speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives. 

She is not your typical nutritionist and driven by a concern for our health system and the lack of educated consumers, Cyndi explores relevant and sometimes confronting issues and asks people to make a personal informed choice about what they are willing to consume.

She educates people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality.

Her groundbreaking book Changing Habits Changing Lives (1998) became an instant best seller and its accompaniment ‘Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cookbook’,

In our chat today Cyndi shares how she has grown a successful organic food company and the makings of her farm, a 60-acre organic food bowl which will be used as an education centre for sustainable and regenerative farming practices. 

We enjoyed todays chat with the lively, genuine and warm Cyndi O Meara. And we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Cyndi’s childhood
  • Mechanistic and vitalistic medicine
  • The changes in agriculture and beginnings of convenience
  • “The one pill wonder”
  • What a well balanced ‘diet’ looks like and how to get it
  • The chemical food system vs regenerative farming
  • The importance of community
  • Quality, Processing and Seasonal
  • What wheat is today?
  • Glyphosate and its registered use in Australia
  • Councils current use of glyphosate and registering your sensitivity
  • Making noise and spreading the awareness
  • Being an activist in your own home
  • Knowing what’s in your food and medicines
  • Regenerative Farming and its synonym with vitalism
  • Manifesting what you want

Here are the people and books Cyndi and ONN mention in our podcast interview that you may be interested in looking further into:

Here are the links to Cyndi’s courses, books, documentary and open letter to send to APVMA:

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