David Blake and Millimetre Waves, SafeTech and Light- Episode 6

Today’s chat is with SafeTech Electronics Systems Integrator, David Blake.

He has a wealth of knowledge about technology and how to integrate it into our homes and environments in way that is safe so we can still enjoy all that it brings.

David is very solution focused. He looks at each client’s situation, budget and needs and uses his creativity to create personalised custom solutions.

David helped us out with the editing for the show this week, we hope you enjoy the changed up intro. We think it shares his sense of humour and fun.

Today’s chat is a big one- a lot is covered and a lot is discussed. So we suggest setting yourself up, strapping yourself so you can enjoy the ride. (All the notes are in the show notes below but you may still want to listen to it a few times.)

We enjoyed todays chat with the phenomenal David Blake and we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • The different electromagnetic fields- natural and manmade
  • What cell tower assignments are and how they keep increasing
  • The difference between 5G (5 gigahertz) on your router/modem and 5G being rolled out
  • What the frequency changes could mean for electrical sensitivity symptoms
  • Some of the ways David helps keep his electrical sensitivity symptoms in check
  • How David encouraged his children’s school to provide some wifi free classrooms
  • Some ways we can have technology and use it safely
  • How we could potentially use wireless technology and artificial intelligence safely and in our favour
  • What exactly is the next generation of wireless technology being rolled out
  • David’s view on the next generation of wireless technology being rolled out
  • The benefits of owning a screening meter like the MitoMeter
  • Why Healthier Homes and Living have chosen to align ourselves and resell the MitoMeter
  • What the Mitometer measures and doesn’t measure
  • The facebook support group for MitoMeter owners
  • How David reduces his exposure to external harmful EMFs whilst in his car
  • The issues with shielding and the importance of testing with a meter like an Esmog Spion
  • The impact of a faraday cage on biological growth
  • The problems with light today and lack of straight forward solutions at present
  • How light has changed from candlelight and the incandescent light bulb
  • The different screens (televisions, computers, etc) available and what they have to do with light
  • David’s suggestion to reduce your exposure to problematic light
  • The move away from using electronic experts (e.g. electricians, Systems Integrator, etc) to integrate technology into our homes and the issues it has created
  • The importance of community, community and community

Here are the meters and products David and ONN mention in our podcast interview that you may be interested in looking further into:

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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