Jane Vandermeer and Personal Care Products that Support Us, Fast Fashion and Dressing for Confidence- Episode 10

With people becoming more conscious of the benefits of lowering the amount of chemicals they are exposed to and searching for more ‘natural’ products, it is important to be discerning when choosing products.

You see when a company begins with the aim of it being low tox or healthier or green, it is important to look at the motivation and ethics behind it. As our interview with researcher and business owner Jessica Kiely last month highlighted, manufacturers are clever at including some of the buzz words when describing their products in order to get your attention, without them necessarily being better or best for us.

So it is not only difficult to filter through the jargon but it can also be notoriously time consuming when trying to access the information that helps us make informed choices.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to introduce our listeners to our conversation guest, Jane Vandermeer. Founder of Intuitive Whispers, Jane’s product range are up there with the best on the market in terms of health and doing what they say they do.

As a woman who has had a long and continued career in the fashion industry, she therefore knows what it is like to be on the go in high pressured environments and knows the need for products that perform.

With her own journey with many breast scares, research into product development and her unwavering stance on keeping her products high quality, so they do what they say they do, she is an inspiration to feminine beauty.

So Jane’s divine range of personal care products is a culmination of 30 years within the Fashion industry, loving all things glamorous whilst blending her love and passion for wellness & spirituality, we believe it is important to highlight Jane’s expertise in the fashion industry where she still helps women as well.

We enjoyed our conversation with the gorgeous Jane and are sure you will to.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Jane’s beginnings in fashion
  • Women’s tendency to just ‘power through’ and ignore the whispers
  • The importance of self-care for women
  • What Jane takes from Eleanor Brayer
  • Jane’s journey of suppressing the knowledge of toxins in personal care products due to the lack of alternatives that work
  • Jane’s resulting breast lumps and heavy metal toxicity from the toxins in deodorants
  • Jane’s message of being educated so you can make choices based on what sits ok with you
  • Jane’s Breast Care deodorant and why it is a one of a kind product
  • How Jane is actively supporting creatives and young women’s emotions as well as their personal care needs with her Young Woman Deodorant
  • Jane’s product testing in different humidity’s and dedication to using what works
  • Jane’s plan to support men too
  • The Young Woman Deodorant’s angel wings and Jane’s special connection with her niece
  • Jane’s love of French perfume and how that has inspired her to create her high-grade beautiful perfumes
  • The benefit of purchasing the sample pack
  • The inspiration for each of Jane’s perfumes “Pretty”, “Magnifique” and “Beauty”
  • Jane’s nurturing work helping women and fashion
  • Jane’s new monthly membership (opening Aug 2020) akin to an affordable ‘private stylist’ to support women further
  • Jane’s realistic approach of focusing on our body shape and having key pieces as opposed to fast fashion

Here are the links to Jane’s divine products:

Here are the links to Jane’s social media and fashion service mentioned in our podcast interview that you may be interested in looking further into:

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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