Jessica Kiely & Natural Perfumes- Episode 5

Today we lighten things up with lovely social entrepreneur Jessica Kiely. 

Jessica has been immersed in the green beauty and low-tox world for the last five years and created the WORLD’S FIRST online shop for natural perfume and today we chat about natural perfumes and what green beauty really means. 

At The Natural Perfume Collective, Jessica doesn’t just showcase and promote natural perfumes she and the natural collective, research and review natural, ethical, vegan and cruelty free perfumes that they’ve tried and tested themselves, all to help us access the most inspiring and uplifting brands available globally that live up to their claims.  

For the Healthier Homes and Living Community, Jessica has generously offered a 15% off Winter Special that can be used for any online purchase at The Natural Perfume Collective by using our special code at checkout. To obtain the code join the Healthier Homes and Living community mailing list by signing up on our website. Offer is valid for the duration of winter- until the end of August 2020! Thanks Jess.

We hope you enjoy this refreshing episode of Healthier Homes and Living with Jessica Kiely. 

Join us for a chat about: 

  • What green beauty means and doesn’t mean 
  • Jess’s definition of ‘natural perfume’
  • What ‘Clean Beauty’ is
  • How Jess deciphers through all the marketing
  • The research that goes into vetting products
  • The importance of natural fragrances
  • The transgenerational issues with phthalates
  • Moments in our lives that tend to make us more aware of issues with environmental toxins such as phthalates
  • Looking into a company’s ethics
  • Tips for getting your natural perfume to last longer
  • Jess’s favourite scents
  • A suggestion on how to start the transition to natural perfume

Here are the links to Jess’ favourite fragrances at The Natural Perfume Collective:  

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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