Jo Whitton and Healing Foods, GAPS and Fitting It All In- Episode 13

Today we chat to Jo Whitton, founder of the Quirky Cooking blog, author of the Quirky Cooking thermomix recipe book, the podcast host of Quirky Cooking Chats and co-author of the instant bestseller Life Changing Food cookbook. On top of that Jo supports families by running cooking workshops, gut health retreats, seminars, and classes around Australia and overseas.

Today’s chat delves into Jo and her family’s personal journey with discovering healing foods, GAPS and how you too can support and nourish your family.

Jo is a wealth of knowledge and we guarantee that you will have many great takeaways from this podcast.

We enjoyed today’s chat with the phenomenal Jo Whitton and we are sure you will too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Jo’s journey from homemade to healing homemade
  • Jo’s journey with intolerances
  • How Jo discovered the GAPS diet
  • The GAPS, gut and brain connection
  • How GAPS enabled Jo’s son to get off medication
  • How Jo supports other families going through GAPS
  • How to tell if you may have gut dysbiosis/leaky gut
  • Jo’s tips on dealing with fussy eaters
  • How white settlement destroyed the health of indigenous Australians
  • What Jo learnt from her time with indigenous Australians and how much she would still love to learn more
  • Jo’s tips on fitting it all in

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Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy