Joachim Herrmann and Healthy Homes and Building Biology- Episode 8

Today’s conversation is with Joachim Herrmann.

Joachim is a pioneer in the Australian Building Biology industry who originally studied the German Building Biology course in New Zealand. Passionate about biology, ecology and social studies he has always been interested in making connections.

It is no surprise then that when he conducts home and office consultations throughout NSW to improve health and productivity, he often works in conjunction with other holistic healing professionals like allergy specialists, child therapists, naturopaths or integrative medicine practitioners

In today’s conversation Joachim explains why he created the Healthy House Australia certification, and what it encompasses. We also delve into some of the important factors Building Biologists look for to help their clients and discuss many tips that people can start to consider or adopt to assist them on their journey to establishing a healthy home.

We love that Joachim is a positive individual that is dedicated to providing empowering messages to help people on their journey to health.

We enjoyed todays chat with the knowledgable Joachim Herrmann and we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Joachim’s beginnings in Germany
  • The beginnings of Building Biology and Building Biology Standards in Germany
  • Joachim’s Healthy House Australia Certification
  • Joachim’s aspiration to provide people with Healthy Homes
  • Issues overlooked with 6-star energy homes that are sealed
  • The importance of ventilation and “breathing homes”
  • Joachim’s simple steps to creating a healthy home
  • How our cars are important spaces that shouldn’t be overlooked
  • Some extreme findings Joachim has come across recently
  • Why government standards for radiofrequencies varies between countries
  • How the Australian standard for radiofrequency exposure is based on thermal effects and why it is inadequate
  • Joachim’s passion for providing homes as a person’s sanctuary where they can rest and grow
  • The importance of personalising homes by taking into consideration occupant’s individual needs and health
  • The silver lining of lockdown allowing people to connect back with their homes
  • Where to find Joachim

Here are the products, services, pages and books Joachim and ONN mention in our podcast interview that you may be interested in looking further into:

Here are the links to Joachim’s services in New South Wales:

  • Home Consultation
  • Office Consultation
  • Property Search
  • Pre-Purchase Checks
  • Building Advice
  • Project Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Analysis
  • Mould Inspection
  • EMR Shielding Services
  • Clutter Consultation
  • Feng Shui

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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