Kara Kieley and EMFs, Solar, Dirty Electricity and Shielding- Episode 4

Today’s conversation is with Building Biologist, Kara Kieley.

Kara has a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences, experience in the Natural Health industry and further to her Building Biology qualification, she has specialist training in Advanced Electromagnetic Field Radiation testing.

She has developed a passion for lowering Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) in environments since noticing the correlation between certain symptoms and exposures. Her new venture with Marco at Spectral Design is their combined passion of not only providing comprehensive electromagnetic frequency testing but also building design for low EMF environments and healthy living using Building Biology principals.

Kara is extremely knowledgeable and has a way of explaining a sometimes complicated topic like EMFs in easy to understand terms. Our conversation today is a great starter for anyone who has been wondering what all the hype is regarding EMFs however it also provides some insights for people who are already familiar with the issues surrounding EMFs.

We hope you enjoy our chat with Kara and her mesmerising Canadian accent.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Kara’s background
  • Why Kara chooses to focus on EMFs
  • What EMFs are
  • What to be aware of with ‘so called’ smart meters
  • Austria and electro hypersensitivity
  • What ‘smart cities’ will enable and potentially what we need to be aware of with them
  • Dirty electricity and what contributes to it in our homes
  • Some of the issues with solar
  • Things to be aware of with shielding materials, gadgets and clothing
  • Conductive and non-conductive clothing
  • Adverse health effects clients often report to Kara
  • Common issues Kara finds in her work
  • 3 tips that may help minimise your exposure to EMFs
  • Where to find Kara

Here is the link of where to find Kara & Marco:

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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