Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils, what? We know what you are thinking. You thought this was a place for scientifically backed products you could implement to lower your toxic load. Well our answer is, exactly!

Essential oils that are organic and contain nothing but 100% pure essential oils are a perfect powerhouse to introduce into your homes for a horde of reasons.

Firstly, many essential oils are scientifically backed to not only assist the body with a multitude of health conditions but some have also been scientifically validated in their antiviral and antimicrobial properties, making it perfect from a low tox point of you to introduce into your homes.

We have used Doterra and Young Living essential oils in our homes, because they both embody our belief systems, are quality assured and tested for purity at multiple stages of the distillation and bottling process, and we love the bonus of buying direct knowing who we support.

Essential Oil Uses

We use specific essential oils:

  • To clean specific areas of our home
  • As an alternative to artificial and toxically centred perfumes and colognes
  • As a low tox way to fragrance our homes
  • To support our body’s with specific physical aliments
  • To support our mental and spiritual wellbeing

We don’t just source amazing essential oils through our Young Living and DoTerra wholesale accounts, we take advantage of some of their personal care and cleaning products because they also meet our criteria.

We welcome any questions you may have regarding these companies or specific oils you have, just contact us via our contact page and we will be in touch.

Joining Young Living For Wholesale Pricing

If you are keen to become a wholesale member and take advantage of wholesale pricing (24% off retail) and the plethora of information on how essential oils can support you and your family you are welcome to join our team and tap into all our knowledge and support.

You literally jump online and sign up. It’s really simple and user-intuitive and you select your preferences and products for your first order along the way. You can always email us if you need assistance and Laudy (our sign up specialist) will be happy to lend you a hand in signing up.

Here’s the sign-up link to get your wholesale account with Young Living:

When you get up to the “enroller / sponsor” bits – that’s us, Healthier Homes and Living and our member number is 23608792. By using our number it enables you to tap into our support as well as access our Essential Oils private facebook community.

(When you get to the bit about ABN you can leave that blank, that’s only for business builders, unless of course like us you are a business.)

We just ask that if you choose to become a YL member, email us at and we will invite you to join in our Essential Oils private Facebook group where we share useful resources so that you can confidently make the most of your oils. It’s a lovely group where we talk all things oils, and where you can ask any questions and share your favourites too.

As soon as you’ve received your first order, you can visit your ‘virtual office’ and choose what products you’re going to have delivered next month. It’s that simple!