Cyndi O’Meara and Empowering Yourself with Knowledge, Ancestral Eating and Critical Thinking- Episode 11

Today we have back nutritionist, film maker, best-selling author, international and TEDx speaker, and founder of Changing Habits and The Nutrition Academy, Cyndi O Meara.

In May, we spoke to Cyndi about the changes in agriculture, the chemical food system vs regenerative farming, the importance of community, what wheat is today?, glyphosate, its registered use in Australia and spreading the awareness and manifesting what you want.

Today we, delve deeper into food. We explore our anthropological origins and how that historical knowledge can inform us of how to nourish ourselves properly.

Cyndi also generously shares an in depth look into some of the topics covered in her nutrition course and how knowledge gleamed from the course will not only empower you to nourish yourself but also those around you as well.

Today’s episode also explores some of the rising fear amongst some people in the current climate and Cyndi shares her Top 15 Tips on what you can do to build yourself up instead of being afraid.

There are lots of actionable and empowering gold in today’s episode but there is also some new topics around the current climate mentioned too, we ask that if you so wish to explore those further, that you explore them with an open mind and with critical thinking.

We enjoyed todays chat with the passionate, genuine and generous Cyndi O Meara. And we hope you do too.

Join us for a chat about:

  • Why the Nutrition Academy- how Cyndi’s Nutrition Academy course helps you work out what is what with food?
  • The benefits for individuals to improve their own health with food
  • Cyndi’s collaboration to ensure a high-quality formal professional course
  • How saturated fat causes insulin resistance and the evolution of why
  • The details of the Functional Nutrition 12 month self-paced 13-module course
  • The benefit of a default diary
  • Anthropological principals and how it influences us today
  • The body’s innate ability to respond to the right ingredients
  • The ability to be a critical thinker once you have a philosophy
  • The gut connection to our immune system and its importance of feeding the gut and what it needs
  • Diet, heart health, cholesterol, sugar, ketogenesis
  • The importance of feeding someone properly and how the state governments ridiculous $2.50 allowance per person in homes is inadequate
  • The empowerment of a mother (and graduates) in completing this course and then being able to nourish herself and her family and thereby positively impacting her family’s health and the planets
  • How the course enables graduates to support, consult and educate others because not only do they have the knowledge but the course assists them with how
  • The course teaches critical thinking skills
  • The importance of being a ‘critical thinker’ especially for our health now
  • The important “eat real food” message at the moment
  • The importance of self education
  • The benefits of courses to assist our growth and knowledge
  • How to be part of the first intake and get ONN’s Healthier Homes course for FREE
  • The FREE microbiome post graduate course for graduates of the nutrition course
  • The Healthy Keto Way Course and how it can help you get out of the sugar-crazy-breakfast-cereal life and get back into control
  • The problem with eating today and benefits of cyclical ketosis for most people
  • The difference of therapeutic ketosis
  • How the Keto Way can be a support following up from The Fat Loss Protocol
  • The three stages of The Keto Way
  • How detoxing through the Keto Way can elevate your brain
  • Our digression to Brian Rose’s list of 5 things that could happen if there is a second wave and what you should do
  • How we should be focusing on what we can do instead of focusing on fear
  • What FEAR stands for
  • A personal account of a friend who contracted the virus on returning to Australia
  • The Department of Health and Human Resources acknowledgment that COV-19 symptoms are enough for documentation of a COV-19 case without a test
  • Some of the crazy fear based reactions from people at the moment
  • What people need to remember instead of focusing on fear
  • Why Cyndi (and other strong healthy well people) don’t need to be afraid of the virus
  • How wrong the Codral advertising of ‘soldering on’ is and people should stay home if they are unwell
  • Its time to stop being afraid and focus on what you can do with Cyndi’s Top 15 Tips

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