Picture Frame by SYB


Do you sleep with your cell or cordless phone next to your head or on a night stand?

Or maybe you have a WiFi router on your desk?

That’s why SYB created the SYB Picture Frame. Powerful EMF shielding for anywhere you need protection.

Put in Any Photos You Like

Each SYB Picture Frame holds 2 5″x7″ photos. Put in pictures of your favourite vacation spots, or your loved ones – any photos you like.

It’s quick and easy to put in your photos. Just gently bend open the frame and slide in the photos.

That’s it! And now you’re protected!

  • Free-standing, tabletop EMF barrier to shield up to 99% of EMF radiation.
  • Acrylic frame holds two separate 5 inch by 7 inch photos or pictures.
  • Quick and easy to insert and replace photos.
  • Made in USA.

Real Science

The SYB Picture Frame uses universally-accepted, scientifically-verified principles to Shield Your Body from radio frequency and microwave EMF radiation.

Each frame is lined with a powerful transparent EMF shielding nickel/copper coated polyester mesh see through fabric, that deflects up to 99% of EMF radiation, working much like a Faraday cage, providing amazing shielding performance.


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