Poster Frame Liner by SYB


Now you can shield your body from harmful EMF radiation with art! The SYB Poster Frame Liner makes it easy to Shield Your Body from unwanted EMF radiation from wireless devices like WiFi routers, baby monitors and smart meters.

Simply put the SYB Liner in your favourite frame (behind your poster, picture, photo or print), and hang it on the wall to protect yourself.

Shield Your Body With Art Using the SYB Poster Frame Liner.

  • Turn any poster or picture frame into a powerful shield that blocks up to 99.9% of EMF radiation. Just put the Liner in your frame, behind your poster, print or photo.
  • It comes in multiple sizes, but if you have a smaller frame just fold or cut the SYB Liner to your desired size.
  • Great for protecting from EMF sources on other sides of walls, like smart meters and wifi routers.
  • Non-toxic and odorless.

Real Science

The SYB Poster Frame Liner uses universally-accepted, scientifically-verified principles to Shield Your Body from radio frequency and microwave EMF radiation.

Inside each Poster Frame Liner is a super fine mesh of metallic fiber that forms a shield to block up to 99.9% of EMF radiation.

Use Wherever You Need Shielding

Perhaps you have a smart meter hanging outside your living room, so hang your shielded poster frame on your living room wall. Or maybe there’s a wifi router right outside your bedroom, so hang your shielded frame on your bedroom wall, between you and the wifi router.

Anywhere you have a powerful source of EMF is a great place to hang a frame shielded with our anti radiation SYB Poster Frame Liner.

Easy to Use in Any Frame

The SYB Poster Frame Liner comes in multiple sizes.

But if you have a different size frame, no problem!

Just cut your Poster Frame Liner with a pair of scissors to any custom size.


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