The Nutrition Academy – Functional Nutrition Course


Have you ever wanted to study nutrition. Then you MUST check out The Nutrition Academy’s – Functional Nutrition Course, one of the best online nutrition courses. Founded by Cyndi O’Meara, Australia’s leading nutritionists.
Cyndi’s 12-month core course provides a comprehensive education in Functional Nutrition with a focus on optimising health through different generations. The curriculum centers on different types of diets, exercise, microbiome and other important nutritional education.
They have a limited offer available until 10 August.

The August intake for the Functional Nutrition Course is now open and until the 10th August there is a fantastic offer:
– $600 discount and FREE Microbiome course (valued at $1497) for full payment
– FREE Microbiome course (valued at $1497) for part payment


This course is based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and provides a comprehensive foundation of functional nutrition. It will enable you to develop an extensive knowledge and understanding of both past and current nutritional trends that influence our daily health, well-being and lifestyle.

The focus of this course is about practical application. As you progress, you will learn how to apply this nutritional knowledge and how it affects the body to create specific health outcomes.The course provides detailed knowledge in Functional Nutrition as it relates to specific diet types, exercise, microbiome and the necessary nutrition required to optimise health through the different generations.

It will also provide you with the foundation to enhance your current career path or act as a catalyst should you want to change careers.



It is ideal for you if you are:

  • Passionate about health and nutrition
  • Looking for a short yet comprehensive means to develop your understanding of nutrition and diet
  • Wanting to improve the health for yourself and others
  • Are interested in starting a business as a Health & Nutrition Mentor
  • Are working in the health industry and looking to further develop your career

Why Study with The Nutrition Academy?

The Nutrition Academy strives to offer the most comprehensive, innovative and transparent health and nutrition educational resource on the planet. They strive to separate health misinformation from reality —they give  students the resources and skill sets to think critically about what they read and learn, so they can use the power of research to make better decisions for themselves and the people they serve.


  • Be inspired and empowered to make sustained and holistic nutritional changes in their own life
  • Have the knowledge to make an impact in the lives of those within their circle of influence, creating a ripple effect of improved health in their community
  • Establish their own business in the health and wellness sector.
  • Apply holistic and appropriate solutions to create sustained change and improved health in yourself and others
  • Identify how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviours
  • Enhance your current career path or act as a catalyst to change careers
  • Become a Health & Nutrition Mentor in a number fields — your own business, Workplace & Wellness Expert, School Tuckshop convener or chef
  • Join the Nutrition Academy Consultant Program
  • Qualify for Smart DNA Practitioner training to become a Smart DNA Practitioner
  • Possibility to qualify for GAPs Practitioner training (You need to meet additional criteria other than completing our course)


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