R Blank and Managing Our EMF Exposure- Episode 9

Today’s mammoth interview is with R Blank.

R is an entrepreneur, technologist and author. He is the CEO of Shield Your Body, which creates and sells easy and affordable products for people trying to reduce their exposure to wireless radiation from devices like cell phones and laptops. 
R has had an impressive 20-year career in software development for companies that include Apple, NBC, Disney, Microsoft, the NFL, IKEA and Mattel. He also co-founded Wildform where he co-created the first video encoder for Flash (which was sold to Google). 
R has authored numerous articles, videos, courses and books in technology and software development.

With his experience and motivation, R stands out in the industry and offers knowledge that is easy to digest and understand.

Today’s interview is massive and even if you feel EMFs have been covered, there is so much more explored in today’s interview and so much gold unearthed as well.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Healthier Homes and Living with the incredible R Blank.

Join us for a chat about:

  • What EMF stands for
  • Where EMFs are created and where it all began
  • How much ambient background EMFs have risen compared to naturally found EMFs on Earth
  • How the amount of ambient background EMFs keeps growing each year
  • The energy of ionizing EMFs compared to the energy of non-ionizing EMFs
  • How the science of the last several decades shows that the original assumption that less powerful EMFs means less danger
  • R’s 3 key takeaway facts when assisting his father write the book Overpowered
  • R’s inspiration for creating SYB
  • The growth in awareness from people about the dangers of EMFs
  • The level of opposition surrounding current new technology rolling out
  • R’s series of content development to not only educate concerns relating to EMFs but also give people an avenue of being able to express their concerns
  • The historical pattern of irresponsibly deploying new technology despite the lack of testing
  • Why new technologies differ from previous technologies
  • Why the new technologies are proving to be a tipping point
  • Why the new technology is not just a cell phone technology
  • The new technologies ability to allow the explosion of the Internet of Things and therefore our exposures
  • How solutions drive SYBs product development
  • How we use the tech closest to us can greatly influence our personal exposures to EMFs
  • How the younger you are the more vulnerable you are to the effects of EM radiation
  • The transparency of SYBs product claims
  • The process taken to get an SYB product to market
  • What an EMF attenuation test is
  • SYB is the only company that has independently tested its entire product catalogue
  • SYBs latest product available to protect your entire body whilst you are sleeping
  • R’S aim to bring products to market that can protect people from EMF sources that are not in their immediate control
  • What consumers should be aware of before buying shielding products
  • Why it is important to use a shielding product in the manner for which they are designed
  • Rs most common and useful immediate easy swaps or habit changes that are cheap or FREE that you can do today to lower your exposure to harmful EMFs
  • R’s take-home message that it is what you do with the technology closest to you that is in your control that can dramatically reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs
  • Why distance is key!
  • R’s empowering message that even though there is no escaping EMF exposure, there are things we can do to manage it

Here are the links to R’s products through SYB, that R and ONN mention in our podcast interview that you may be interested in looking further into:

Here is the link to SYB’s Facebook page:

Xx Laudy, Sim & Tammy

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