The Start of Healthier Homes and Living

Welcome everyone and thank you for your support.

Healthier Homes and Living evolved out of our passion for what we do and our desire to share what we know about the role the built environment and environmental toxins play in our health.

Our aim is to create awareness about the dangers people don’t realise may be playing a part in their illness and to educate them about how to navigate living safely in a modern world by making small changes through informed actions.

We have seen such a knowledge gap where so many people don’t know how the Environment – both ‘macro’ as viewed through our Building Biology lens and ‘micro’ as we have seen first hand.  By sharing our own individual journeys and the changes we have made to our own lives over the years we now hope to inspire others where we can support them along on their own journeys.

We hope people bring an open heart and mind as they listen to our guests, our views and opinions while we shed light on each subject in the hope that it helps all who choose to listen. 

A lot of it will be new, some will be unbelievable, sometimes it may be confronting and terrifying, but our aim will be to always present what we know and what we have learnt that often contradicts how we live today in the modern world and how our modern lifestyles and environmental exposures are contributing to ill health that many times cannot be explained.

We will always give our opinion alongside evidence to support our views but do always remember these are our opinions based on our journey and our research, you will be free to take it on board.  We hope this will be the start of your journey and that you will continue investigating the subjects we present.

We hope to make you think, offering up new ways of changing your life if you feel this information applies to and resonates with you

We hope our message and that of our guests will offer food for thought, allowing people to slow down, revaluate and make change for a thriving future.

Lots of Love,

Laudy, Simone and Tammy, xx

P.S. Here are the links to the podcast platforms where you can download any of our podcast episodes:

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